EECS 731. Introduction to Data Science. 3 Hours.

This course covers topics in data collection, data transmission, and data analysis, in support of discoveries and innovations based on massive amounts of data. EECS 731 surveys current topics in data science. It provides a comprehensive review of theory, algorithms, and tools that are used in data science and prepares students to take in-depth following up courses in EECS. EECS 731 is a project-oriented course. It offers hands-on experience for students to integrate knowledge from a wide-range of topics in data science without dwelling on any particular subfield of data science. Prerequisite: EECS 268 or experience with object oriented programming and large programs. MATH 290 or experience with linear algebra. EECS 461 or MATH 526 or experience with probability and statistics. Or consent from the instructor. LEC.

Master of Science in Physics

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