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EECS 745. Implementation of Networks. 3 Hours.

EECS 745 is a laboratory-focused implementation of networks. Topics include direct link networks (encoding, framing, error detection, reliable transmission, SONET, FDDL, network adapters, Ethernet, 802.11 wireless networks); packet and cell switching (ATM, switching hardware, bridges and extended LANs); internetworking (Internet concepts, IPv6, multicast, naming/DNS); end-to-end protocols (UDP, TCP, APIs and sockets, RPCs, performance); end-to-end data (presentation formatting, data compression, security); congestion control (queuing disciplines, TCP congestion control and congestion avoidance); high-speed networking (issues, services, experiences); voice over IP (peer-to-peer calling, call managers, call signalling, PBX and call attendant functionality). Prerequisite: EECS 563 or EECS 780. LEC.