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ELPS 961 Conducting Quantitative Analysis In Educational Policy and Administration

ELPS 961.  Conducting Quantitative Analysis In Educational Policy and Administration.  3 Credits.     

This seminar addresses basic applied analytical skills for the study of topics in educational policy, leadership, and governance. It is designed to help professional doctoral students apply and extend their existing skills as they are working on their quantitative dissertations. Upon completion of this course, students should be able to: (1) draw on a basic repertoire of key methods that support applied analysis for professional doctoral students, (2) be able to determine the type of data and research design--and associated opportunities and constraints--pertaining to their research interests and the completion of their dissertation, and (3) make progress in aligning the conceptual and empirical components of their dissertation studies. Prerequisite: EPSY 710 or EPSY 711 or EPSY 870, or equivalent courses. Completion of quantitative research course requirements for the ELPS Ed.D. program.