ENGL 590. Studies in: _____. 1-3 Hours AE61 / H.

A study of a specialized theme or topic in English studies. May be repeated for credit as the topic changes. Capstone course. Prerequisite: Prior completion of the first-and second-year English requirement or its equivalent, and at least one 300- or 400-level ENGL course; or permission of instructor. LEC.

Accelerated Master of Arts in English


...ENGL courses count toward major requirements except ENGL...credit hours at the 590 level or above...

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Art


...Writing Requirement - ENGL101 and ENGL 102 , or placement...the United States HA 590 Special Study in...

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics


...Honors Core Requirements MATH 590 Linear Algebra 3...Code Title Hours Writing ENGL 101 Composition (or...

Minor in Jewish Studies


...Jewish Folklore, Honors JWSH 590 Research Methods JWSH...Genocide and Ethnocide 3 ENGL 203 Topics in...

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics


...of the following: MATH 590 Linear Algebra 3...still need to complete ENGL 102 (or equivalent...

Minor in Human Sexuality


...g., WGSS/ WGSS 696 Studies in: ____; ENGL 590 Studies in:____; PSYC 690 Seminar...