ENGL 998. Investigation and Conference: _____. 1-6 Hours.

Individual work in (a) language, (b) literature, (c) composition, or (d) the teaching of English, by properly qualified graduate students under the direction of appropriate members of the Graduate Faculty as assigned by the Graduate Director. Limited to 6 hours of credit toward the M.A. or Ph.D. degree; only on three-hour enrollment may substitute for a formal course in satisfying a field distribution requirement. Normally offered for only up to three credit hours in any one enrollment. Permission of the supervising faculty member and of the Graduate Director required for enrollment. RSH.

Master of Arts in English


...taken at the 900 or seminar level. ENGL 998 does not count as a seminar...

Doctor of Philosophy in English


...in composition and rhetoric. ENGL 998 does not fulfill this requirement. ENGL 999 Dissertation (at...

Accelerated Master of Arts in English


...ENGL courses count toward major requirements except ENGL...the Graduate Director. A 998 (Directed Reading) directly...