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ENTR 701 Entrepreneurship

ENTR 701.  Entrepreneurship.  3 Credits.     

Entrepreneurs are uniquely critical thinkers, they have distinguished themselves by not accepting the status quo, asking the why not questions, developing innovative answers to many challenging issues in science, technology, social issues and commerce. This course will allow students to become rigorous, versatile and agile thinkers by flexing their own critical thinking muscles through an examination of the entrepreneurial mindset and learn how to apply that capability to starting a new business, either their own business or a new business opportunity for a larger organization. This will be accomplished by learning the entrepreneurial process including a lean startup approach, validating the opportunity and the business model via direct customer feedback, projecting the market value of the opportunity with sales, profits forecasting and preparing a commercialization plan that provides a comprehensive opportunity development roadmap. Prior business knowledge is not required; however an open mind that embraces innovative problem solving is essential. Not open to KU School of Business students.