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EPSY 836 Behavioral & Systems Neuroscience in Education

EPSY 836.  Behavioral & Systems Neuroscience in Education.  3 Credits.     

This graduate-level course is designed to provide an overview of important models, principles and research findings related to behavioral and systems neuroscience in education. Attention is given to the basic structure of the nervous system, the fundamental units of the nervous system (the neuron and the synapse), the function of different components of the central nervous system, the sensory, motor, and memory systems, and the networking of these systems in perception, learning, and cognition. Also, attention is given to how the nervous system behaves with other brain structures that support fundamental mental abilities such as attention, cognitive control, emotion, language, memory, and social cognition. Finally, within these topics, attention is given to understanding how the nervous system works by studying the physiological basis of adaptive behaviors and maladaptive behaviors of the mind.

Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology

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