EPSY 842. Counseling Practicum (Elementary, Secondary, Counseling Psychology). 6 Hours.

This course is taken as one of the last courses in the master's degree counseling program. The primary purpose of the course is for the student to develop individual counseling skills while functioning in a counseling setting. In addition to individual skills, students are also encouraged to participate in group counseling and other counseling related activities within the particular counseling setting. Students enroll in practicum for the level most closely related to their professional goals, i.e., elementary, secondary, counseling psychology. Graded on a satisfactory/fail basis. Prerequisite: EPSY 740, EPSY 742, EPSY 830, EPSY 880, EPSY 890 and EPSY 896 (Advanced Skills) and prior or concurrent enrollment in EPSY 840, EPSY 844, EPSY 846 and EPSY 875. For MS Terminal track, EPSY 845 and EPSY 956 enrollment must be prior or concurrent as well. Pre-enrollment with practicum coordinator. Students currently on academic probation will not be allowed to enroll in practicum. LEC.

Master of Science in Education in Special Education


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Doctor of Philosophy in Rehabilitation Science


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