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EURS 536. Economic Issues of the European Union. 3 Hours S.

A survey of the economies of the European Union, with a focus on the economic development of the member states since World War II, and an examination of the various economic issues confronting them today. (Same as ECON 536.) Prerequisite: ECON 104 or ECON 105 or [(ECON 142 or ECON 143) and (ECON 144 or ECON 145)]. LEC.

Co-Major in European Studies

Why study European studies? The interdisciplinary European Studies Program is housed in the Center for Global & International Studies, which also provides a home for Middle East Studies and the Undergraduate Certificate in South Asian Studies. European Studies offers an intellectually engaging co-major and minor for students interested in exploring the languages, cultures, history, politics, and economies of Europe and individual European countries. Students integrate the co-major or minor most frequently with their study of Global & International Studies, a modern European language, History, Political Science, and English. The program provides students opportunities to attend lectures and panel discussions by leading scholars, conduct research, study abroad, and complete internships, all of which help prepare them for careers in a rapidly changing world and global economy. The European Studies Program also serves as a point of contact and organization for College and University faculty with expertise in European studies, and it promotes both faculty and student expertise by collaborating with local, regional, and national organizations and institutions.

Bachelor of Arts in Humanities

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