EVRN 330. Sculpture Intercepting the Waste Stream. 3 Hours N.

An introductory course using engaged learning to exploring the genre of ecological art practice (eco-art.) Class focuses on the waste stream particularly as it affects the Kansas River. Through remediation events, students build works of art from trash, in turn auctioned for environmental efforts. Creative attention is focused on ecological imbalance. (Same as SCUL 330.) Prerequisite: Visual Art major or minor, or instructor permission. LAB.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies


...by: EVRN 460 Field Ecology 3 or EVRN...I Laboratory Or CHEM 330 & CHEM 331 Organic...

Minor in Leadership Studies


...Community EVRN 320 Environmental Policy Analysis EVRN 332...and Social Issues PUAD 330 Introduction to Public...

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences


...from: COMS 330 , COMS 342 , ENGL 362 , ENGL 494 , ENGL 496 , ENGL 497 , EVRN 615...

Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science


...Satisfied by the following: EVRN 148 Scientific Principles...Mechanics. Satisfied by: CE 330 Fluid Mechanics 3...