EVRN 460. Field Ecology. 3 Hours N / LFE.

An introduction to research methods for environmental science. The course includes fieldwork in diverse ecosystems (lakes, streams, forests, prairies). It emphasizes the development of skills in data analysis and interpretation that are essential to a full understanding of environmental issues. Enrollment limited to environmental studies majors, or by instructor permission. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior standing, completion of the natural sciences requirement of the KU Core (GE3N), and either EVRN 320 or EVRN 332. FLD.

Minor in Environmental Studies


...by: EVRN 410 Environmental Applications of Geographic Information Systems Field Ecology. Satisfied by: EVRN 460...

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in Environmental Studies


...Satisfied by: EVRN 332 Environmental Law 3 Field Ecology. Satisfied by: EVRN 460 Field Ecology...

BA in Environmental Studies


...degree requirements. 3 EVRN 332 and EVRN 460 are fall only courses; EVRN 320 is...