EVRN 615. Capstone Project. 3 Hours AE61 / N.

The capstone project provides students with a broad-based, interdisciplinary educational experience and allows them to integrate and synthesize the knowledge they have gained in their environmental studies major. It rejoins the cohort that has separately pursued the BA/BGS and BS tracks and places them in situations in which they address real world environmental issues with a team approach and produce professionally meaningful analytical reports. Prerequisite: Junior standing; EVRN 320, EVRN 332, and EVRN 460. Restricted to declared Environmental Studies majors. LEC.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies


...3 or EVRN 660 Summer Field Ecology Capstone Experience. Satisfied by: EVRN 615 Capstone Project...

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in Environmental Studies


...Satisfied by: EVRN 460 Field Ecology 3 Capstone Experience. Satisfied by: EVRN 615 Capstone Project...

Minor in Leadership Studies


...Community EVRN 320 Environmental Policy Analysis EVRN 332...614 Urban Politics POLS 615 Campaigns and Elections...

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences


...362 , ENGL 494 , ENGL 496 , ENGL 497 , EVRN 615 , FMS 585 , LA&S 470 , LA...