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FMS 323 War and Memory in Asian Film

FMS 323.  War and Memory in Asian Film.  3 Credits.   H   

This course explores how the film industries of key East Asian nations have constructed, reimagined, debated, and commemoralized their experiences of the major wars fought during the 20th century (i.e. The Greater East Asian War, the Chinese Civil War, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War). We will examine the intersection of various historical, political, cultural, and economic factors with the production of mainstream commercial film to consider how individual and collective memories of wars in Asia have transformed over time in different contexts. Films are particularly useful for examining how the cultural memory of wars survives and is conveyed from one era to another with each new generation reinventing and superimposing new layers of memory on the original phenomenon from a range of multiple perspectives. A central goal of this course is to provide students with various historical perspectives, cultural contexts, and analytical methods to develop your ability to apply visual literacy and critical thinking skills to contemporary Asian films about the major wars of the last century.

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