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FMS 479 Documentary Production

FMS 479.  Documentary Production.  3 Credits.   H   

This is a hands-on production course in which students will research, plan and produce short-form non-fiction documentaries. The class is dedicated to training young professionals in the principles, skills, techniques, habits and practices of documentary production. We will focus also on the aesthetics of our craft and the documentary form. The objective is to ground students in the fundamental skills of good non-fiction storytelling-conceptualization, research, story structure, theme development, writing, producing and directing. The goal is the production of several short-form compositions (videos) where storytelling is employed to communicate a concept or idea effectively. Students will form into teams to research, develop and produce a course-long short-form documentary. Prerequisite: FMS 275.

BGS in Film & Media Studies in Production

Below is a sample 4-year plan for students pursuing the BGS in Film and Media Studies, Production concentration . To view the list of courses approved to fulfill KU Core Goals, please visit the KU Core website .

Bachelor of Science in Education

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