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FREN 441 The Story of French

FREN 441.  The Story of French.  3 Credits.   H/W   

This course provides an overview of the historical development of the French language and an introduction to different varieties of French, as well as some current language-related issues in the French-speaking world. The history of the French language is considered both from an external perspective, by examining important historical events in the language's history, and from an internal perspective, by looking at specific ways the language has changed over time. Variation is examined: how French differs geographically (i.e. dialects and regional varieties in France and in the French-speaking world), socially (i.e. how social groups such as socioeconomic class or sex are reflected in language use), and situationally (i.e. language modification depending on formality, context, etc.). Will include comparisons of spoken versus written French, slang, and le français populaire, as well as current issues, e.g., les néologismes (word creation), les anglicismes (English influence) and feminization of language. Taught in French. Prerequisite: FREN 301.

Bachelor of Arts in French, Francophone and Italian Studies

Why study French and/or Italian? Speakers of French and Italian span five continents. French is spoken by over 220 million people. Italian is spoken by over 65 million people. By 2050, it is estimated that there will be over 750 million French speakers, 80% of whom will live in Africa, becoming the world’s most spoken language. French and Italian are the international languages of cooking, fashion, theater, the visual arts, dance and architecture. Thousands of US companies do business with Italy and the Francophone world. In an increasingly mobile and interconnected planet, the study of language, literature and culture has never been more crucial for our students’ success. It provides students with a competitive edge in an increasingly internationalized workplace; for example, four out of five new jobs in the US are created as a result of foreign trade. Above all, learning a second language enables a greater understanding of other cultures while enhancing your own.

Minor in Linguistics

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