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GEOG 805 Perspectives in Geography

GEOG 805.  Perspectives in Geography.  2 Credits.     

This course provides background on the discipline of geography and how it is practiced by the faculty in the department. It provides a foundation of knowledge of geography's role within the human and physical sciences as well as the humanities. Students will gain a critical perspective into the breadth of geography, including the ways in which geographers view the world through the lenses of place, space, and scale and the debates and approaches within the changing landscape of geographic inquiry.

Master of Science in Geography

The graduate curriculum emphasizes broad geographic training while encouraging in-depth commitment to specialized concentrations. Students also are encouraged to take course work outside the department that complements their degree programs. Credit-hour requirements below are considered minimums for degree programs. Programs are tailored by the student and advisor to conform to the student’s interests and needs, as well as to fulfill the general degree requirements.

Master of Arts in Geography

...Title Hours Required Courses: GEOG 805 Perspectives in Geography 2 GEOG 980 Seminar in Geography...

Doctor of Philosophy in Geography

...M.A. Required Courses GEOG 805 (History of Geographic Thought); GEOG 980 Seminar in Geography...