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GEOL 301 Introduction to Oceanography

GEOL 301.  Introduction to Oceanography.  3 Credits.   N   

The online course is an introduction to the earth and its oceans, including a discussion of the history of ocean exploration using the approach of the scientific method. The course will explore theories that describe the origin of the solar system, the earth, the atmosphere, and the oceans, in addition to a discussion of the origin of life on the earth. The course will cover the essential physics, chemistry, geology, biology, and the concepts of plate tectonics, as applied to understanding the oceans and seas. This course cannot be taken if a student has completed GEOL 302.

Bachelor of Arts in Geology

Why study geology? In Geology you get to apply techniques and knowledge from chemistry, physics, biology and math to answer important questions about Earth processes, history and future. Geologists are in demand to evaluate geologic hazards, evaluate natural resources, and understand the environment. The B.A. program allows many free electives for background courses in the sciences or liberal arts. The program permits study of traditional geology (with emphasis on the solid earth, the earth's surface, or environmental geology and natural resources), environmental geology (with emphasis on water or urban environmental geology), or an individually tailored program.