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GEOL 751 Physical Hydrogeology

GEOL 751.  Physical Hydrogeology.  3 Credits.     

Study of fluid flow in subsurface hydrologic systems. Investigation of the ground water environment including porosity, and hydraulic conductivity and their relationship to typical geologic materials. Examination of Darcy's law and the continuity equation leading to the general flow equations. Discussion of typical hydraulic testing methods to estimate aquifer parameters in various situations and apply these to water resource problems. Study of the basic mechanisms that determine the behavior of typical regional flow systems. (Same as CE 752.)

Bachelor of Science in Geology

Why study geology? In Geology you get to apply techniques and knowledge from chemistry, physics, biology and math to answer important questions about Earth processes, history and future. Geologists are in demand to evaluate geologic hazards, evaluate natural resources, and understand the environment. The B.S. program provides intensive training in geology and other sciences. B.S. majors may emphasize traditional geology, environmental geology (with a specialized track in hydrogeology), engineering geology, geophysics, or earth and space science licensure. The hydrogeology track, the engineering geology option, and the geophysics option combine basic training in geology with training in mathematics, engineering, physics, and geophysics. The environmental geology option combines training in geology with many different sciences.

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

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Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

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