GIST 215. A Global History of Money: Aristotle to Bitcoin. 3 Hours H.

What is money? What does it enable, and why do we value it? Is money always the same thing? What are the relationships between money and wealth? Through examining how people across the world and over time used money and answered these questions, this course is an introduction to the global history of money in its myriad forms: gold coins, silver ingots, bonds, debts, cowry shells, and bricks of tea. It approaches money as a point of entry into themes in political, cultural, intellectual, and social history. As such, it is not a course in economic or business history, but a historical examination of how money has transformed our world. We read and view a wide range of secondary and primary sources, ranging from images of money itself to recent works by anthropologists, historians, and economists. (Same as HIST 215.) LEC.

Bachelor of Arts in Global and International Studies

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