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GIST 306. Global Environmental Literature. 3 Hours AE42 / H.

An examination of a variety of literary and other representations of human and non-human environments and environmentalism. Particular attention will be paid to how race, gender, class, sexuality, and geography produce and are produced by those representations. (Same as ENGL 306 and EVRN 306.) Prerequisite: Prior completion of the KU Core Written Communication requirement. Recommended: Prior completion of one 200-level English course. LEC.

Bachelor of Arts in Global and International Studies

...units) 9 GIST 305 World Indigenous Literatures GIST 306 Global Environmental Literature GIST 308 Key...

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

...Eligible courses include: ENGL 306 Global Environmental Literature...of Jewish Women WGSS/GIST 355 International Women...