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GIST 323 Environmental Dynamics in India

GIST 323.  Environmental Dynamics in India.  3 Credits.   S/W   

This course introduces students to the relationships the people of India have had with their landscape from ancient times to the present. Students will learn about diverse ecosystems and the indigenous peoples they have harbored from the high Himalayas altitudes to the coastal regions, from the desolate arid deserts to the rain forests of India. The class will discuss how the very nature of the relationship of the people with their land has changed over the long course history of South Asia with specific case studies of environmental challenges, failures and successes. Examples of possible cases include: the Chipko movement led by the women of the Himalayas to save their forests from loggers; the traditions of creating lakes and water conservation lifestyles in the arid region of Rajasthan; and nature worship and cases of leopards and tigers receiving protection by the very villages they terrorize. (Same as ANTH 323.)

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