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GIST 565. Gender, Culture, and Migration. 3 Hours S.

This course examines the gendered experiences of transnational migration through a combination of ethnography, literature, film, and news media. How do different people experience the desire to migrate, the logistics of movement, and life in a faraway place? How does mobility shape ideas of family, community, and nation? How do class, race, sexuality, and legal status also inflect these experiences, especially in rendering certain groups vulnerable to abuse and exploitation? Attention will also be paid to gendered thinking against migration, including the ways gender and sexuality inflect xenophobia, border enforcement, refugee recognition, deportation policy, and contemporary political debates. (Same as AMS 565 and WGSS 565.) Prerequisite: Any 100 level AAAS course, WGSS 101, AMS 100, AMS 110, or GIST 220. LEC.

Bachelor of Arts in Global and International Studies

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Bachelor of Arts in Humanities

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