HA 677. African Design. 3 Hours NW / H/W.

This course examines the conceptualization of the "decorative" arts in Africa, including textiles, metals, ceramics, wall decoration, and jewelry, and investigates the relation of this art historical category to modernism. How did such a wide range of artistic practices come to be grouped together? Are terms such as "decorative art" and "craft" still operative, and how do they reflect ideas about race and gender? How have African artists approached "traditional" design? What social factors influenced artistic processes and what is the historical symbolism of medium? To address these questions, we will consider artists' writings, art schools and apprenticeships, gender dynamics, transnational artistic exchanges, the concept of the artist-artisan, and the meaning of material and process. Our discussions will span historical and contemporary contexts, and also will examine colonial systems of classification, gender norms and laws, practices of appropriation, and tourism. Not open to students with credit in AAAS 377/HA 377. (Same as AAAS 677.) Prerequisite: AAAS 376 or HA 376, or AAAS 578 or HA 578, or an Art History course 100 level or above, or consent of instructor. LEC.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Art


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