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HEIM 585 Healthcare Reimbursement

HEIM 585.  Healthcare Reimbursement.  3 Credits.     

This course examines complex financial systems within the United States healthcare system. Students explore content related to healthcare reimbursement methodologies and revenue cycle management.

Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management

In this bachelor's degree program, students work with the latest health information technology at the region's top academic health institution: the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) in Kansas City, Kansas. Students typically enter this program after completing two years of prerequisite course work from a qualified accredited institution; once at KUMC, students complete their final 2-years of study. Graduates of this program are well-versed in managing health data and information, as well as managing people, processes, and information systems related to  health data and information. For more information, please refer to the  program website .