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HIST 229 United States in the 1960s

HIST 229.  United States in the 1960s.  3 Credits.   H   

In the Sixties, millions of Americans rejected socially-sanctioned established wisdom, long-standing cultural precepts and conventional political policies and practices. In this gateway course we will examine how and why they did so, why so many other Americans rejected their challenges to the status quo, and what difference these rebellions made in Americans' lives. By placing their struggles in historical context, we will think about how and why people make and resist social change and how historical circumstances restrain and enable people's individual and collective ability to act and to make their own futures. Through readings, lectures, discussion, and various assignments students will have opportunities to debate the great questions of that era and ponder the relevance of historical events and understandings to their own lives and to the life of the nation, as they sharpen their analytic abilities and their capacity to communicate those analyses effectively.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in History

History does not just narrate a sequence of past events. The practice of history examines change over time and tries to understand the forces that contributed to those changes. Historians are most interested in questions that begin by asking ‘why’ or ‘how.’ These questions demand complex answers about who we are, how we have come to where we are, and what forces have shaped humanity through time.

Accelerated Master of Arts in History

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