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HIST 231 War and 20th Century U.S. Culture

HIST 231.  War and 20th Century U.S. Culture.  3 Credits.   H   

This course analyzes the "cultural construction" of war in 20th century America by focusing primarily on World War II and the Vietnam War. How have Americans attempted to come to terms with the wars they have fought? How have Americans' cultural understandings shaped the wars they have waged? How have Americans used various cultural forms (film, music, photography, etc.) to support a war effort or to protest against it? We pay special attention to the place of the military in American society, to notions of patriotism and citizenship, to constructions of gender, race, and sexuality, and to the roles of government, media, technology, and public opinion.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in History

History does not just narrate a sequence of past events. The practice of history examines change over time and tries to understand the forces that contributed to those changes. Historians are most interested in questions that begin by asking ‘why’ or ‘how.’ These questions demand complex answers about who we are, how we have come to where we are, and what forces have shaped humanity through time.

Accelerated Master of Arts in History

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Bachelor of Science in Education

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