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HIST 570 The Middle East After World War II

HIST 570.  The Middle East After World War II.  3 Credits.   NW H/W   

An intensive study of developments and changes in the Middle East since World War II. Topics and themes will vary, but may include the long-lasting effects of European imperialism, Big Oil and the energy crisis, the Arab-Israeli conflict and peace process, American intervention in the Middle East, minority communities, and the revival of Islamic and popular protest movements.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in History

History does not just narrate a sequence of past events. The practice of history examines change over time and tries to understand the forces that contributed to those changes. Historians are most interested in questions that begin by asking ‘why’ or ‘how.’ These questions demand complex answers about who we are, how we have come to where we are, and what forces have shaped humanity through time.

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