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HIST 577 The Andean World

HIST 577.  The Andean World.  3 Credits.   H   

The Andean environment is defined by its mountains, but includes all of the earth's major biomes: from tropical rainforest to the world's oldest and driest desert. These diverse landscapes have nurtured one of the most ancient and durable, yet diverse sets of Indigenous cultural lifeways. Most of the Andes was governed by a single power during the Inca and Spanish colonial eras, but the region is now divided between seven independent states with their own regional traditions. The Andean World has long been recognized as a laboratory for understanding the relations between nature and culture, and the tensions between tradition and revolutionary change. This course will examine the history of this region from a long-term perspective, from its indigenous roots to contemporary struggles over globalization and extractivism. (Same as EVRN 577, ISP 577 and LAC 577.) Prerequisite: Prior 300+ level course in related discipline (ANTH, EEB, EVRN, HIST, LAC, SPAN, etc.) or permission of instructor.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in History

History does not just narrate a sequence of past events. The practice of history examines change over time and tries to understand the forces that contributed to those changes. Historians are most interested in questions that begin by asking ‘why’ or ‘how.’ These questions demand complex answers about who we are, how we have come to where we are, and what forces have shaped humanity through time.