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HIST 802 Seminar in: _____

HIST 802.  Seminar in: _____.  3 Credits.     

Research Seminar on selected topics.

Doctor of Philosophy in History

Earning a KU Ph.D. in History requires a mastery of research skills, including the ability to contextualize and interpret primary sources, knowledge of the languages relevant to one’s research, and the ability to develop an original historical argument that contributes to the historiography of one’s field. Moreover, a KU Ph.D. in History certifies that students can communicate complex ideas persuasively in writing and orally. It also attests to the readiness of a graduate of our program to teach history and advise undergraduates at the level of the university classroom and to train graduate students. Our program privileges advanced training in History that prepares and encourages students to research and write “across and between” conventionally-defined historiographical fields. To develop such a research program, students read in geographic, chronological, and thematic fields. Fields may be geographic, chronological, and/or thematic to provide maximum flexibility. Ph.D. students designate one major and two minor fields in consultation with their primary advisor and advisory committee. All students who are admitted into the Ph.D. program for full-time study, except those who have secured guaranteed external institutional funding, are provided with 5 years of funding in the form of a fellowship, teaching, or research position contingent on funding availability. International students whose native language is not English are eligible to hold a GTA appointment, provided they meet the University's and the Department's standards for written and spoken English. Applicants who indicate that they are seeking Department funding will be considered automatically for nomination for University-wide fellowships and grants for entering graduate students. For statistics regarding our program, please see our Doctoral Program Profile , which demonstrates our success at funding and placing current and recent graduates.

Master of Arts in History

Our terminal Master of Arts degree provides students with rigorous training in the skills of historical thinking, archival research, and the different modes of expression scholars use to communicate their findings to a wide audience. Completely integrated with our Ph.D. program, the M.A. in History at KU offers students the opportunity to develop subject expertise in fields of study, learn the conventions of professional scholarship in History, collaborate with other students, and receive one-on-one career advice and intellectual mentorship from our faculty. Our M.A. program allows for full-time or part-time study, and has defined tracks in U.S. History and World History. Students also have the opportunity to take coursework outside the department in fields such as African and African-American Studies, Environmental Studies, Museum Studies, and Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies. Students in our terminal M.A. program are self-funded, and are encouraged to inquire regarding current information for in-state/out-of-state/international tuition costs and university fees.

Accelerated Master of Arts in History

...capstone seminar (HIST 696 or 690/691) and the graduate research seminar (HIST 802), respectively...