HP&M 853. Strategic Management. 2 Hours.

Explores internal and external analysis for health care organizations. Examines development, analysis, execution, and monitoring of strategies. Application of critical thinking skills to strategy. Lecture and discussion. Prerequisite: Completion of HPM Level I courses or permission of instructor. LEC.

Master of Health Services Administration


...3 HP&M 852 Strategic Marketing 2 HP&M 853 Strategic Management 2 HP&M...

Master of Science in Health Informatics


...2 HP&M 833 Ethics 2 HP&M...and Practice 3 IPHI 853 Abstraction and Modeling...

Doctor of Clinical Laboratory Sciences


...Public Health 3 HP&M 810 Health Care...Successful completion of PRVM 853 (Responsible Conduct of...

Doctor of Nursing Practice


...Leadership Specialty Core: HP&M 822 Health Care...Informatics Specialty Core: NRSG 853 Abstraction and Modeling...