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HP&M 860 Graduate Internship in Healthcare Services Administration

HP&M 860.  Graduate Internship in Healthcare Services Administration.  1-3 Credits.     

Novice and experienced health services administrators function in applied settings. The internship is designed to meet the needs of individual students to advance their career functioning and set in motion a professional development plan. The inexperienced administrator will use the internship as a mid-curriculum opportunity to apply and synthesize in the practice setting knowledge, skills, and abilities. Students who come to the program with mid-level to advanced experience use the practicum to advance their career through exposure to additional experiences that extends their knowledge, skills, and abilities and demonstrates synthesis of program competencies. FLD

Master of Health Services Administration

The Master of Health Services Administration (MHSA) degree prepares students for leadership roles in the health care sector, including positions in hospitals, health care systems, long-term care facilities, clinics, insurance firms, health departments, and government agencies. The MHSA offers a systematic examination of the health care system, exposure to the impact of health policy and the policy process, a mastery of analytic methods, and a broad exposure to the practice of health care management. Classes are taught on the KUMC campus and offered in the late afternoon and evening.