HSES 300. Study Abroad Topics in: _____. 1-5 Hours.

A course designed to enhance international experience in topic areas related to health, sport, and exercise sciences at the junior/senior level. Coursework must be arranged through the Office of KU Study Abroad. May be repeated for credit if the content differs. Prerequisite: Permission of the department. LEC.

Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training


...with Disabilities 3 HSES elective (300 level or higher) 3 HSES elective (300 level or...

Bachelor of Science in Education


...Early Childhood Curriculum 3 HSES 341 Instructional Strategies...of Kansas 3 HIST (300 level or higher...

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design


...courses," which are numbered 300 and above. At...performance work (e.g. HSES 108 or BAND...

Bachelor of Science in Business


...Functional list above. IBUS 300 or IBUS 400...in physical education courses ( HSES 112 and below...

Minor in Human Sexuality


...at the junior/senior (300+) level or higher...one of the following: HSES 489 Health and...

Minor in Leadership Studies


...Issues in School Psychology HSES 381 Sport Ethics...hours of junior/senior (300+) hours of KU...