HSES 306. Principles of Personal Training. 3 Hours.

Designed to prepare individuals who are interested in becoming certified personal trainers (CPT) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, or to enhance their own training goals. Instruction is provided describing basic exercise physiology as well as the principles of developing a personal training regimen for a typical gym trainee. Course experiences will reinforce training principles and teach the basic skills necessary for certification. Prerequisite: Accepted to School of Education or instructor permission. LEC.

Bachelor of Science in Education


...Early Childhood Curriculum 3 HSES 341 Instructional Strategies...World Indigenous Literatures ENGL 306 Global Environmental Literature...

Undergraduate Certificate in Strength and Conditioning


...hours: HSES 305-Methods of Strength and Conditioning HSES 306-Principles of Personal Training HSES...

Minor in Leadership Studies


...Issues in School Psychology HSES 381 Sport Ethics...Managing Public Resources SOC 306 Principles of Social...

Minor in Human Sexuality


...one of the following: HSES 489 Health and...Japanese Literature ENGL/GIST 306 Global Environmental Literature...