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HSES 330 Principles of Nutrition and Health

HSES 330.  Principles of Nutrition and Health.  3 Credits.     

This course will provide an introduction to the basic principles of nutrition, with an emphasis on application of these principles to improve overall health. Topics include: guidelines for a balanced diet, index of nutritional quality, energy requirements and balance, weight management and obesity, nutritional quackery, sports nutrition, nutrition for children and elderly, and eating disorders.

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science & Sport Management

The Exercise Science program at the University of Kansas prepares students for a variety of career paths after graduation, including admission to most physical therapy schools. Graduates may also work in agencies that dispense health- and fitness-related programs, such as commercial or private health and fitness centers, hospital exercise and cardiac rehabilitation programs, and corporate fitness centers or apply for graduate study in exercise physiology. It also serves as a foundation for graduate-level work in health sciences, such as nursing, chiropractic, medicine (physician assistant, medical doctor, etc.), physical/occupational therapy or dietetics. The program combines rigorous coursework in the sciences with exercise science classes such as biomechanics, exercise biochemistry and neuromuscular exercise physiology.

Bachelor of Science in Education

The Community Health program prepares students for health-related careers in county, state and federal health departments, non-profit agencies, private ventures or agencies focusing on health promotion, corporate wellness, crisis intervention, drug/alcohol recovery, adoption, services for the elderly. In addition to general education requirements, the program includes major requirements, a complementary minor, and a 14 credit hour internship (40 hours a week for 15 weeks).

Bachelor of Health Sciences

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Bachelor of Science in Education

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Bachelor of Science in Business

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