HSES 350. Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries. 3 Hours.

The introductory study of the prevention, immediate care, and treatment of athletic related injuries and illnesses. This course is designed to cover the basic fundamentals of injury/illness recognition as well as discuss the various strategies for the prevention and care of injuries to the physically active. Prerequisite: Courses in Human Anatomy and First Aid. LEC.

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science & Sport Management


...HSES 260 Personal and Community Health 3 HSES...Development, Honors 3 PSYC 350 Abnormal Psychology 3...

Undergraduate Certificate in Strength and Conditioning


...Training HSES 307-Tactical Strength and Conditioning HSES 331-Sport and Exercise Nutrition HSES 350...

Bachelor of Science in Education


...Early Childhood Curriculum 3 HSES 341 Instructional Strategies...French Literature 3 FREN 350 Applied French Grammar...