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HSES 403. Health Behavior Theory. 3 Hours.

This class will be an introduction to the primary models and theories used in health behavior research and health promotion practice. These models and theories undergird the development of successful health-related programs and interventions, and will help guide educators in the development of innovative and effective programming. The course will cover individual, interpersonal, community-level, and ecological theories, and students will have the opportunity to apply these theories to health behaviors of interest. LEC.

Bachelor of Science in Education

The Community Health program prepares students for health-related careers in county, state and federal health departments, non-profit agencies, private ventures or agencies focusing on health promotion, corporate wellness, crisis intervention, drug/alcohol recovery, adoption, services for the elderly. In addition to general education requirements, the program includes major requirements, electives from courses complementary to the program, and a 14 credit hour internship (40 hours a week for 15 weeks).

Bachelor of Science in Education

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Bachelor of Science in Business

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Minor in Leadership Studies

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