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HSES 418 Health Aspects of Aging

HSES 418.  Health Aspects of Aging.  3 Credits.     

This course will consist of a Holistic Health approach to the various components of the aging process. Special emphasis will be placed on the demographic aspects of aging; normal aging changes and deviations in the aging process (pathophysiology); the relationship between mental and physical health, and the implications for the promotion of risk reduction and prevention principles that can effectively improve the quality of life for older individuals. Prerequisite: A course in personal and community health.

Bachelor of Science in Education

The Community Health program prepares students for health-related careers in county, state and federal health departments, non-profit agencies, private ventures or agencies focusing on health promotion, corporate wellness, crisis intervention, drug/alcohol recovery, adoption, services for the elderly. In addition to general education requirements, the program includes major requirements, a complementary minor, and a 14 credit hour internship (40 hours a week for 15 weeks).

Bachelor of Science in Business

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Minor in Human Sexuality

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