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HSES 467. Introduction to Health Education. 3 Hours.

This course will provide an overview the various health education professions. Topics emphasized in the course are: the nature of health education, an in-depth description of community health, the school health program, and identifying program and services of voluntary and services of voluntary and official health and welfare organizations. Prerequisite: Admission to the School of Education and the Community Health Program. LEC.

Bachelor of Science in Education

The Community Health program prepares students for health-related careers in county, state and federal health departments, non-profit agencies, private ventures or agencies focusing on health promotion, corporate wellness, crisis intervention, drug/alcohol recovery, adoption, services for the elderly. In addition to general education requirements, the program includes major requirements, electives from courses complementary to the program, and a 14 credit hour internship (40 hours a week for 15 weeks).