HSES 480. Physical Activity and Exercise Management Individuals with Disabilities. 3 Hours.

An in-depth study of how physical activity and exercise can be a part of the treatment plan for people who have chronic disease or a disability. A variety of physical activity and exercise intervention programs and models will be presented and discussed, as well as protocols for baseline testing and post-treatment testing. A portion of this course will focus on how physical activity and exercise can prevent motor functioning deterioration in people who have a disability or limited functional movement. Prerequisite: Admission to the School of Education Exercise Science or Athletic Training programs and a course in human anatomy and physiology, or consent of instructor. LEC.

Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training


...3 HSES 472 Exercise Physiology 3 HSES 473 Clinical Fitness Evaluation Techniques 3 HSES 480...

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science & Sport Management


...HSES 260 Personal and Community Health 3 HSES...of Psychology including: PSYC 480 Independent Study 1...

Bachelor of Science in Education


...Early Childhood Curriculum 3 HSES 341 Instructional Strategies...Early Education 3 EPSY 480 Promoting Student Social...

Bachelor of Science in Business


...Predictive Analytics 3 BSAN 480 Business Analytics Capstone...in physical education courses ( HSES 112 and below...