HSES 580. Internship in: _____. 2-16 Hours.

A supervised internship experience in an approved setting. The specific type of internship experience and the credits for that particular experience will be outlined in the appropriate program of the student. Prerequisite: Admission to a HSES Internship Program. FLD.

Bachelor of Science in Education


...or summer) 3 HSES 578 Health Internship Seminar (Spring Senior) 2 HSES 580 Internship in...

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design


...performance work (e.g. HSES 108 or BAND...by ILLU 535 , INDD 580 , PHTO 500 , or...

Bachelor of Science in Education


...Early Childhood Curriculum 3 HSES 341 Instructional Strategies...and Tutoring Writing ENGL 580 Rhetoric and Writing...