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HSES 825 Skeletal Muscle Physiology

HSES 825.  Skeletal Muscle Physiology.  3 Credits.     

This course will provide the student with an in-depth study of the structure and development, contractile mechanics, and neuromuscular system as it relates to the skeletal musculature. Structure and Development - muscle fiber, motor neuron, neuromuscular junction, muscle receptors, muscle formation, development of muscle innervation. Putting Muscles to Work - ion channels, pumps, and binding proteins, axoplasmic transport, resting and action potentials, neuromuscular transmission, muscle contraction, motor units, exercise, muscle metabolism. The Adaptable Neuromuscular System - fatigue, loss of muscle innervation, recovery of muscle innervation, neurotrophism, disuse, muscle training, injury and repair, aging. Prerequisite: HSES 810 or equivalent.