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HUM 206. Contemporary Western Civilization. 3 Hours HL GE11/GE3H / H.

A sequel to the two Western Civilization courses which offers the opportunity to examine influential works of literature, philosophy, history, and political thought written since the end of World War II. In keeping with the decline of colonialism and the growth of global and multicultural civilization since 1945, the readings of the course are selected from both Western and non-Western writers. LEC.

Humanities Program

Why study Humanities? Integrated learning in humanities  fosters broad cultural understanding by exploring the connections among diverse areas of knowledge. Studying humanities  allows students to examine key issues relating to human experiences and the human condition from a variety of perspectives, including philosophy, history, religion, literature, art, and language. Such study provides excellent preparation for 21st century careers by preparing students to take part in the world around them, equipping them for success in many fields, including business, medicine, law, marketing, sales, and social services.

Bachelor of Arts in Humanities

...HUM 204 Western Civilization I 3 or HUM 205 Western Civilization II or HUM 206...