INDD 580. Senior Industrial Design Studio. 3 Hours AE61.

Course requires the negotiation and accomplishment of a comprehensive body of work, comprising independent research, ideation, refinement, detail technical specifications, renderings, and a working and tested prototype of your final design. A final report of the project is required documenting your design process, the depth and complexity of which are commensurate with expectations for entry-level professionals. Faculty may consider national or international competitions as appropriate substitutions for student derived briefs, where applicable. The nature and scope of the work (1-2 projects maximum), as well as details of anticipated accomplishment must be outlined by the student and approved by the instructor prior to the beginning of the second week of classes. In exceptional circumstances, projects may extend into both semesters, via INDD 581--this requires permission/negotiation with faculty and is to be declared as an aspiration at start of INDD 580. If this course is required under the major studies section on the degree requirement sheet, students must receive a grade of C (2.0) or higher to continue on to the next course in the sequence. Prerequisite: INDD 448. LAB.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design

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