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ISP 800. Indigenous Issues in the United States. 3 Hours.

This course will focus on contemporary issues relating to Indigenous peoples and nations within the United States, with particular emphasis on such issues as sovereignty, indigeneity, colonialism and decolonization. The course will address varied disciplinary approaches to this range of issues and will consider how this discourse bears upon scholarly conversations regarding broader themes in other selected fields of study. LEC.

Master of Arts in Indigenous Studies

KU’s Indigenous Studies Program serves students, Native American and Indigenous Nations and communities in Kansas, the Midwest, the U.S., and the world through our teaching, research, creative work, and service. At the core of these endeavors is our deep commitment to and engagement with the nations and communities we come from, learn from, and serve. Our aim is to contribute to the continuing projects of knowledge building, effective leadership, and infrastructure development. 

Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Studies

The Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Studies is designed to provide students with necessary knowledge of the events, laws, policies, and treaties that have defined the relationship between the United States and Indigenous Nations and Peoples. This knowledge is essential to analysis of a broad range of historical, political, religious, and social issues in the U.S.