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ITEC 780 Communication Networks

ITEC 780.  Communication Networks.  3 Credits.     

Comprehensive in-depth coverage to communication networks with emphasis on the Internet and the PSTN (wired and wireless, and IoT-Internet of Things). Extensive coverage of protocols and algorithms will be presented at all levels, including: social networking, overlay networks, client/server and peer-to-peer applications; session control; transport protocols, the end-to-end arguments and end-to-end congestion control; network architecture, forwarding, routing, signaling, addressing, and traffic management, programmable and software-defined networks (SDN); quality of service, queuing and multimedia applications; LAN architecture, link protocols, access networks and MAC algorithms; physical media characteristics and coding; network security and information assurance; network management. Prerequisite: EECS 563 or equivalent or permission of instructor.