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JMC 408 Media Law and Ethics

JMC 408.  Media Law and Ethics.  3 Credits.     

This course examines the ethical and legal foundations of mass communication in the United States and related challenges inherent in the practice of professional communication. Students will study freedom of expression concepts through the joint lens of First Amendment law and ethical decision-making processes. Both ethical and legal assessments of a variety of speech, persuasive media, and press issues, including privacy, intellectual property, and libel, will be discussed. The course will introduce key ethical and legal theories, codes, and principles and will use case studies and decision-making models to address important challenges within the ethical and legal practices of professional communication. Prerequisite: JMC 101 with a C (2.0) or higher.

Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Mass Communications

...a prerequisite for JMC 300 , JMC 304 , JMC 309 , and JMC 408 . Additional prerequisites may...