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JMC 560 Message Development

JMC 560.  Message Development.  3 Credits.     

Students exercise both critical and creative thinking to develop the multi-media writing skills expected of strategic communicators. Students begin addressing clients' needs by applying research on product or service benefits, brand identity, competition and audience motivations. The research informs the writing of a strategic message planner or creative brief, which students employ to write and produce messages in many forms. Examples of messages created in JMC 560 include print, video and radio advertising; social media messages; sales letters and other business writing; and such public relations writing as news releases. Combining strategy, design, and writing and production skills, students begin to build a professional portfolio throughout this class. JMC 560 prepares students for internships and lays the groundwork for the campaigns class. Must be completed with a grade of C (2.0) or higher to advance in the JMC curriculum. Prerequisite: For students starting at KU Fall 2012 and after: JMC 300, JMC 302 (Infomania), JMC 304 (Media Writing) (or JMC 305 Writing for Media, Honors), JMC 320, JMC 420, and JMC 460 all with grades of C (2.0) or above and passage of the grammar test. May be taken concurrent with JMC 420 and JMC 460. For students starting at KU Fall 2018 and after: JMC 300, JMC 302, JMC 304 (or JMC 305, Honors) JMC 320, JMC 420, and JMC 460 all with grades of C (2.0) or above. Only open to Journalism and Mass Communications majors.

Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Mass Communications

...and must have successfully completed JMC 320, 420, 460 and 560. B.S.J. Sample...