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JMC 621 Data Reporting and Visualization-Advanced Media

JMC 621.  Data Reporting and Visualization-Advanced Media.  3 Credits.     

This class will advance the student's understanding and use of data driven journalism and its effective presentation. It will expand their knowledge of the skills necessary to be a data driven journalist and guide them in the creation of a stories and complementary visuals based on database analysis. Everyone in the class will learn the basic coding skills that the field requires, use those skills to acquire data, and create multiple data driven journalism stories, some of which will be used in media. Requirement: Must obtain a grade of C or higher (2.0). Prerequisite: JMC 550, JMC 551, JMC 552, or JMC 553 with a C (2.0) or better. Students who started at KU prior to Fall 2012 only need to complete JMC 415 and JMC 419 with a grade of C (2.0) or higher as a prerequisite. Only open to Journalism majors. Students must be in good academic standing to take JMC 621.