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JMC 660 Professional Capstone - Advanced Media/Capstone

JMC 660.  Professional Capstone - Advanced Media/Capstone.  3 Credits.     

Students build on their student media experiences by working at a professional news outlet, where they are expected to generate or produce material that contributes to the published journalism content of that media outlet. Students may work across a variety of news functions including, but not limited to, reporting, editing, videography, producing, directing, design, photography or web/social production. Instructor will meet with students and their supervisors for individual mid-semester and end-of-semester conferences/evaluations. Successful completion of the course requires students to prepare a résumé reel or portfolio of their work and have that work evaluated by a news professional. Must obtain a grade of C (2.0) or higher. This class meets the Journalism School requirements as a capstone class. Prerequisite: One course designated as Advanced Media with a grade of C (2.0) or higher, and permission of instructor. Only open to Journalism and Mass Communications majors. Students must be in good academic standing to take this course.