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JMC 691 Community Journalism-Advanced Media/Capstone

JMC 691.  Community Journalism-Advanced Media/Capstone.  3 Credits.     

Students work at a community newspaper, television station or online operation; and either cover the news, produce or edit the news. Instruction includes newsroom coaching and evaluation by professional journalists. Classroom instruction covers such issues as analyzing media content, diversifying story sources, and practical ethical decisions faced by the students. Instructors also meet with students for individual conferences. Students must complete a written project and present it to the class and to the news professionals. Must obtain a grade of C (2.0) or higher. Prerequisite: JMC 550, JMC 551, JMC 552, or JMC 553 with a grade of C (2.0) or higher. Students who started at KU prior to Fall 2012 only need to complete JMC 419 with a grade of C(2.0) or higher as a prerequisite. Only open to Journalism majors. Students must be in good academic standing to take this course.